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Women's Health

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Results of a study suggesting that a compound based on breast milk could be used to treat viral warts have attracted media interest. How effective is this intriguing treatment and could it be developed to treat more serious, related, conditions? Dr Claire Benton reviews the evidence. Read…

Womb Flu link to Schizophrenia

Research and media reports have suggested that individuals whose mothers contracted flu during pregnancy are at increased risk from developing schizophrenia in later life. How strong is this link and what, if any, impact should this have on immunisation programmes? Dr Donald MacIntyre and Dr Douglas Blackwood review the evidence. Read…

Herceptin® – from laboratory to cure in breast cancer?


There has been considerable publicity surrounding the potential benefits of herceptin in treating early breast cancer and whether or not its benefits outweigh the costs of treatment. In this article, requested by visitors to the BTMH site, Dr David Cameron provides an overview of the development of herceptin, its use in treatment and its safety profile. Read…

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