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Heart Disease and Stroke

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Bubble echocardiography

In parallel to our article on patent foramen ovale (holes in the heart) and stroke in the young, Dr Stephen Glen provides an overview of an innovative and emerging technique for detecting holes in the heart which may enable greater exploration of heart disease.

Stress and the heart

A number of published studies, which have received widespread media coverage, have offered contradictory conclusions on the extent to which stress can cause or exacerbate heart disease. In this article Dr Nick Boon examines whether stress is a cause of heart disease itself or, instead, serves only to hasten an event attributable to other causes. Read…


The links between air pollution and respiratory disease are well established. Research has now suggested that air pollution could also have a causative effect in stroke. How plausible is this association? Prof Anthony Seaton reviews the evidence. Read…

Rofecoxib, selective COX-2 inhibitors and cardiovascular risk

The withdrawal of VIOXX, following concerns over a link with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, was the largest prescription drug withdrawal in history. How early did its manufacturers and drug regulators know of the risks and how great are these risks? Dr Neeraj Dhaun, Dr Simon Maxwell and Prof David Webb review the evidence. Read…

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