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Drug Treatment & Safety

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Co-proxamol: withdrawal of a drug taken by millions

In this BTMH user-requested article Dr Nick Bateman provides an overview of the withdrawal of co-proxamol, a popular painkiller which was withdrawn from the market in the UK following concerns regarding its safety. Why was it withdrawn, what were the risks and what alternative treatments are available? Read…

Drug-resistant malaria and its treatment


Around 1 million children die in Africa every year from malaria. While many reasons are involved, one of the major factors is that malarial-carrying parasites have developed resistance to most of the commonly used anti-malarial drugs. In this article Dr David Bell and Prof Peter Winstanley review efforts to combat drug-resistant malaria. Read…

Current treatments for multiple sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complex lifelong condition, with the severity of symptoms varying greatly between patients. In this article, requested by visitors to the BTMH site, Prof Carolyn Young provides an overview of the different sub-types of MS and the diverse treatments which are currently available for this disease. Read…

DVT in hospitals: guideline implementation


While much media coverage of DVT has focussed on long-distance travel, it is perhaps less publicly-known that many patients develop DVTs whilst in hospital and that DVT is the most common form of preventable death in hospital. A number of clinical guidelines have been developed to tackle this problem, but how extensively are they being implemented? Dr Kerstin Hogg, Dr Steve Jones and Professor Kevin Mackway-Jones review the evidence. Read…

The Modern Management of Asthma


Asthma is a common chronic disease, affecting 6% of adults and 10% of children worldwide. Despite this and advances in treatment, asthma is not always well controlled - resulting in almost 70,000 hospital admissions annually, and one death every seven hours, in the UK alone. In this article Dr Graham Douglas provides an overview of the modern management of asthma. Read…

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